The Silva Mind Control Method

The Silva Mind Control Method

I was recently introduced to The Silva Mind Control Method, and I decided to buy the book to get a better appreciation of what it was like and what to expect from it.
First published in 1978, The Silva Mind Control Method has helped millions of people create better, happier, and more successful lives.
Based on the course pioneered by Jose Silva in the 1960's, this accessible guidebook uses meditation and visualization to help you alleviate stress, overcome bad habits and emotional insecurity, increase creativity, develop concentration, harness your dreams, and deepen your relationships. Featuring transformative advice and fascinating case studies, this revolutionary book teaches you to use your mind at a deeper and more effective level and reveal its extraordinary power.

Extract from the Introduction to the book:

"You are now setting out on one of the most transforming adventures of your life. Each result you achieve will change your view of yourself and the world you were born into. With your new powers will come a responsibility to use them "for the betterment of mankind" - a Mind Control phrase. You cannot use them otherwise, as you are about to learn."

The book is an easy read, and as you progress you may feel the desire to make quicker progress through the system by enrolling in one of the many courses available both online and in person. See for more details.