What is Green and Blue Mental Health

 Increasing research shows the positive impact that green and blue spaces can have for mental health, and particularly exercising in these green and blue spaces.

And we are not talking about a gym with the floors and walls painted green and blue, but the great outdoors, where green and blue spaces can be found naturally and relatively easily.

Exercising can easily be incorporated in your day - talking a walk in a local park (green trees , blue sky), and this promotes positive mental health and reduces stress.

And the exercising does not need to be intensive - a brisk walk is more than enough to boost our wellbeing.

The World Health Organization (World Health Organization. Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders: Global Health Estimates (No. WHO/MSD/MER/2017.2) (World Health Organization, 2017).) has said that poor mental health is the leading cause of disease in high-income countries. A growing body of research suggests that living near and / or maintaining regular contact with nature is beneficial for a range of health and wellbeing outcomes. (see for example:

Most of the research in this area has focussed on green areas  - in other words areas where trees and other green plants exist, and there has been less focus on other outdoor settings such as coastal areas and inland "blue" areas - rivers, lakes etc.

Whatever the research it would be fair to say that any exercise regardless of whether it is in "green and Blue" settings, is good from a mental and physical point of view. 

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